Artist Statement

I am drawn to the color, texture, and light of the natural environment. References to these elements in my art are purposely kept somewhat abstract to allow the viewer their own personal reactions. The works allude to the ever changing natural environment and physical surroundings as inspiration for subject.

My paper is made from fibers of mulberry, abaca, flax, cotton, and indigenous plants which I soak, cook, beat, pigment, drain onto screens press, and dry. Some works are created by pulp painting with the fibers (such as the large screens), while others are used for printmaking. The completed papers are combined, sometimes with original prints, onto sanded and gessoed birch panels. Lastly, they are sealed with a UV protecting varnish.

Their layers of texture and color take on a new meaning beyond their origin. The medium becomes the message and messenger.

I am a printmaker and fiber artist using my own handmade paper. My pieces include handmade paper fiber baskets, sculptural relief fiber forms, large handmade paper pulp painted screens, collaged panels using my handmade paper and botanical prints, framed collograph, relief, and monotype prints.