Small Panels

Small Panels

Text: Each of these panels is 6" x 6".   They are mixed media    panel collages of my handmade papers, prints, and some acrylic paint.  All  panels are sealed for UV protection.


Queen Anne's Lace Variation #3

Photo Emulsion

This is a recent direction in my creative exploring.  Using my own photographs, I expose the images to create a steel intaglio plate for printmaking.  Each image is a monoprint, using the same matrix to produce up to 10 variations of the subject.  Individual color and ink viscosity combinations produce complex and varied results.


"Light of the Day"

Paper Panel

These panels are mixed media pieces that combine my pigmented pulp painting fibers and various prints. They are texture and color studies which recall a timeless remembered moment. All panels are first sanded, and given several layers of gesso before adding various media.  They are finished with a UV protecting varnish.


"Antipodal Waters"


My prints include a variety of techniques such as Monotype, trace monotype, collograph, and intaglio. They may also use my artist made papers as chin colle My inspiration comes from the natural environment.
Water and rocks are subjects which fascinate me – their ancient history, power of movement and combined intensity.


Tapestry black detail

Sculptural Fiber

Fiber baskets are made using layers and layers of pulp painted fibers such as cattail, artemesia, corn, garlic, abaca, kozo and cotton. Washed birch bark and /or handmade beads are added to enhance the textural qualities.

Cast paper works are the most involved with process. I first carve clay forms, and cast them in plaster to use for my mould. Using my pigmented pulp painting fibers, I ‘paint’ into the forms in multilayered veils of color. Thicker fibers are hand layered onto the reverse image and pressed into the form. Stainless steel wire is embedded for hanging. Finally, a light coat of Gamar, UV protecting varnish is painted onto the form.

My current subject is inspired from a recent visit to see my ancestral family in Finland.